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Google is being sued for tracking users while browsing in incognito mode

Google was hit by a class-action lawsuit in California on Tuesday, alleged the company continues to track the internet activity of Chrome browser users even when they are browsing in… Read more »

Coronavirus tracker app, but locks your phone

The novel coronavirus pandemic has sent shockwaves across the world of tech. Companies are shutting down manufacturing plants, closing stores and cancelling events to limit the spread of the virus…. Read more »

Hackers used Asus software update to inject malware into millions of PCs

Taiwan’s hardware company Asus unwittingly pushed out malware through its official updates to around half a million computers last year after hackers compromised the company’s servers, cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab… Read more »

Facebook stored millions of passwords in plain text but says nobody abused them

Facebook’s mishandling of users’ data earned it criticism last year as the revelations about the Cambridge Analytics scandal were served out in the open. The company was condemned for letting… Read more »