Gmail Update for iOS Will Let You Set it as Default Mail App


Google has released an update to its Gmail app for users on iOS. The new update will finally allow Gmail to be set as the default mail app on iOS 14 devices. It will take advantage of iOS 14’s feature that allows users to set third-party email apps as their default on the iPhone. Google is not the first developer to add support for this feature. Microsoft’s Outlook got a similar update last week.

While Google says that the app will itself prompt users with instructions to set as default upon update, it can also be done manually by going into the phone settings. Go to Settings > Gmail > ‘Default Mail App’. The update (version 6.0.200825) is now available to install on the Apple App Store.


If a user has deleted the iOS Mail app, the new Apple OS will automatically make Gmail or any other third party app the default mail app without any user action. Users can also make Chrome their default browser now.

However, reports suggest that iOS has a bug that automatically resets third-party browser and email applications back to Apple’s default Mail and Safari after a restart. It said that Apple is yet to comment on this bug, and when it will be fixed. Apple rolled out iOS 14 a day after the launch of its new Apple Watch Series 6 and iPad updates last week. The new iOS update comes with a variety of features like picture-in-picture, home screen widgets, a more organized app drawer, and a feature that lets you perform actions by double-tapping the back of your iPhone.

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