Google Maps for Android Auto Now Hitting a Weird Launch Problem


Google Maps is one of the apps that people use the most on Android Auto, and every single update should be good news for everyone, as it’s supposed to get improved functionality and refined performance.

But as it turns out, a recent Google Maps update is causing new headaches for some, as the app somehow doesn’t work after launching but comes back to normal a few minutes later.

In other words, you get behind the wheel, connect your phone to the head unit, launch Android Auto, and tap the Google Maps icon only to see a blank screen with no map. If you keep trying to launch the app and disconnect the phone, sometimes more than once, Google Maps starts working all of a sudden.

In some cases, just leaving the app on the blank screen for a few minutes allows Google Maps to load correctly, and you can then start using it normally.

Several users have confirmed in this reddit thread that a similar thing is happening in their cars too, and up to this point, none of the generic workarounds have worked. What this is means is that you can try clearing the cache, reinstalling the app, and things like these, but the bug would still occur.

Seeing this too today. Had to switch to Waze. Restarted my phone at a red light, plugged it in again and still nothing. Other apps work fine (Spotify and Waze). Maps runs fine when not using Android Auto,” one user says. “Mine has been doing this for the past week. Waze works fine but Google Maps tries to load and then kicks me back to the main page. Takes five or six attempts to get it to work,” someone else adds.

By the looks of things, the bug appeared after a recent Google Maps update, and several users claim it happens on version 10.48.1. In the meantime, Google has already released a new Google Maps version, but it’s not yet known if this problem is fixed or not.

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