Google starts rolling out a new logo for Google Pay in India


Google has been rolling out new icons for its Workspace apps. It has now introduced a new logo for the Google Pay app in app. The new Google Pay logo is quite different from the current one but goes with the colour scheme of the new Workspace logos.

The new Google Pay logo is showing up for some users in India. It looks like the update has been rolled out to the Google Pay beta app. It was first spotted by 9to5Google. The stable version of the app on Android and iOS hasn’t been updated with the new logo yet. The new Google Pay logo looks completely different from the current version which is just a simple “G Pay” with a white background on the left side and blue on the right. There’s actually no proper design for the Google Pay logo.

The new Google Pay logo also features Google’s primary colours of blue, green, yellow and red. The combination of these colours in the logo is very similar to the new Google Workspace logos. G Suite is now called Workspace, and the rebranding involves new logos and features. For example, the iconic red envelope is gone from the Gmail logo for only the letter “M” in red, blue, green and yellow.

Other than the redesigned logo, there’s no change in the Google Pay app. The update is expected to roll out to more Google Pay users in India soon, and possibly to other markets as well. After seeing a successful run in India, Google expanded its payment app features to more countries.

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