WABetaInfo: WhatsApp working on new tones for group calls


Facebook-owned WhatsApp is working to add new tones for group calls and call terminate for iOS devices. “WhatsApp has officially added a new tone when you terminate a call; WhatsApp has added a new ringtone when you receive a group call,” according to WhatsApp tracking fan site WABetaInfo.

The messaging platform is also working to allow a user to join a missed group call, if the group call still exists and the feature is under development. “Improvements to launch WhatsApp when there is low storage available on your device and a bunch of improvements of stability for the app,” WABetaInfo wrote on its page.

The company is also working to improve Payments feature for specific countries, in particular for Spain. Notably, WhatsApp Payments feature does not work in India. WhatsApp has rewritten the section to show all shared media files, in order to improve the speed to load images, videos and GIFs there. “You can open “Contact Info”  “Media, Links and Docs” to verify,” WABetaInfo added on its page.

WhatsApp has fixed 6 new security flaws out of which four existed in WhatsApp for Android while the two others were with its iPhone client. Notably, 2/3 of the new security vulnerabilities were found internally while the other 1/3 came to the fore via the bug bounty programme conducted by Facebook.

Meanwhile, the Facebook-owned platform is also working on ‘Vacation Mode‘ for Android devices which mutes archived chats, in the latest beta update. According to WhatsApp tracking fan site WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has started reworking on this feature after a brief gap. As of now, users can only archive chats, but can not mute them.

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