WhatsApp to get new storage optimization feature, wallpapers and more


WhatsApp has been working on a lot of new features lately. The messaging app is now working on adding new animated sticker packs, new wallpapers, and enhanced storage usage optimization. However, it is important to note that some of the features mentioned above are only available to the beta testers, only the new animated stickers pack will be available to WhatsApp web users.

As per Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is working on multiple features including storage optimization, new wallpapers, and more. Earlier it was reported that WhatsApp is working on implementing a new ringtone for group calls. So every time you receive a group call, WhatsApp will play a new ringtone on loop. Currently, when you receive a call, the ringtone of your phone plays but now WhatsApp is working on a separate ringtone.

Coming to the storage optimization feature that WhatsApp is working on, WhatsApp will display in how much storage has been used by files, chats, forwarded files, and more. In the screenshot shared by the WhatsApp features tracker, it can be seen that the first section in the storage bar has been occupied by the entire WhatsApp media. The highlight in yellow is the used space whereas the green highlight denotes the space available.

Below the storage bar, there is a clear indication of which WhatsApp media has covered the maximum space. For instance, the screenshot shows that forwarded files had used up maximum space, followed by large files which could include videos and more and then space used up by WhatsApp chats are indicated. WhatsApp wants to provide a clear picture to users so that they can get rid of unwanted media that has occupied space. It is important to note that WhatsApp is currently working on this feature and it will be only rolled out to users when it is free of bugs and glitches.

Moving to the wallpaper feature, the Wabetainfo reports that WhatsApp is working on a feature to let users use different wallpapers in different chats. “The new Wallpaper feature will allow to choose a different wallpaper based on the theme used in WhatsApp. When you want to choose a default wallpaper, WhatsApp will ask if you want to download the WhatsApp Wallpaper app, an official WhatsApp application that provides Wallpapers. Note that this app was updated in 2011,” the Wabetainfo report read. WhatsApp is currently working on improving the feature for iOS features and would be made available to the Android users soon.

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