Coronavirus tracker app, but locks your phone


The novel coronavirus pandemic has sent shockwaves across the world of tech. Companies are shutting down manufacturing plants, closing stores and cancelling events to limit the spread of the virus. However, cybercriminals are looking to take advantage of the widespread panic.

Cybersecurity experts have warned smartphone users about a new, potentially dangerous malware that infect systems under the guise of being an app website related to the coronavirus. A malicious Android app called CovidLock is being used to install ransomware on smartphones. The domain prompts users to download the app under the guise of providing access to a coronavirus map tracker.

The app includes the logo of the hacktivist group Anonymous and states; “Your GPS is watched, and your location is known, if you try anything stupid your phone will be automatically erased.” The app is not available on the Google Play store but is offered on a website called coronavirus[.]site.

According to security researcher blog, Domain Tools, CovidLock hides as a coronavirus tracking app. However, CovidLock is poisoned with ransomware and uses a technique to deny victims access to their phone through a screen-lock attack. The ransomware demands you pay $100 in bitcoin in 48 hours on the ransom note.

Source: Money Control

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